Can You Make Creme Brulee With Skim Milk

if you have a creme brulee torch just skim the

Rice Pudding grows up with a Brulee twist

Brle is basically French for "burnt" but loosely translated to English it means "holy cow that's delicious". I have to tell you honestly, I have been a rice pudding hater for many, many years. My fear of rice pudding is deeply rooted and absolutely justified. I am pretty sure for many years of my childhood I was fed rice pudding made from skim milk, raisins & minute rice and for some reason I had it confused a whole lot with tapioca. I think it was a textural thing but I was completely traumatized by both of them and by the time was old enough to make my own food choices, both tapioca & rice puddings fell completely off my list in favour of other, more reasonable pudding options like chocolate, butterscotch and vanilla, I was certain I could have lived my entire life without ever eating them again. I truly never understood the appeal until I was recently introduced to my new bff rice pudding brle.
Borrowing from the classic dessert crme brle, this dish of pure creamy goodness has a hard candy topping, a crisp contrast to the soft, sweet fragrant rice. The pudding was scented with coconut & cardamom creating that magical balance of savoury and sweet. Now, I will admit, I was tricked. When I saw the crispy brled topping, I was positive it was a crme brle and when my spoon hit the side of the sugar and it made that incredible sound like thin ice cracking on a thawing lake, I kind of blacked out for just a second in anticipation of what was to come. My spoon went deep into the dish and pulled out a serving, I put it into my mouth and began to savour it. It was only then I realized that there was a texture to the crme brle that it shouldn't have. It was smooth yet grainy and in the voice of Homer Simpson I had a total "doh" moment when I realized I was eating rice pudding and completely loving it. My brain froze; imagine my shock, my horror, my complete and utter surprise. I was angry at first that I allowed myself to be tricked by the sexy brled topping, that I had fallen for its charms so easily. But once I was in the clutches of the pudding, there was no turning back. It was just really, really good. And weather I was having a weak moment or it really was one of the best things I had ever eaten I will never know because that dish was just so darn small it disappeared almost instantly. I am a changed woman, I have turned over a new leaf, I am no longer a rice pudding hater I am a rice pudding lover and you should be too. Try it again for the very first time. I have modified the recipe and posted it here Please, report back.

About the author: Angie Quaale is the owner of Well Seasoned gourmet food store and cooking school in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Well Sesaoned is been the destination location for all things gourmet. Angie travels the world sourcing the best gourmet foods and recipes and is an advocate of local farmers and food producers. Angie's column, "Food for Thought" appears twice a month in the Langley Times. She's also regularly featured in print articles, television and radio programs throughout Canada.


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